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The World Bank Carbon Pricing Dashboard

The carbon pricing initiatives have been classified in ETSs and carbon taxes according to how they operate technically. ETS does not only refer to cap-and-trade systems, but also baseline-and-credit systems such as in British Columbia and baseline-and-offset systems such as in Australia. Carbon pricing has evolved over the years and initiatives do not necessarily follow the two categories in a strict sense. The World Bank

Germany considers CO2 price to reach climate targets – Merkel

In a turning point in the government’s approach to CO2 reduction, Chancellor Angela Merkel told parliament her new ‘climate cabinet’ will incorporate latest proposals and research on CO2 pricing in the transport and heating sectors when drafting legislation to achieve Germany’s 2030 climate targets. Clean Energy Wire

Carbon pricing dropped from new Franco-German treaty

France and Germany cemented their historic post-war reconciliation with the signing of a new Elysée treaty on 22 January. But the text no longer mentions carbon pricing among new bilateral initiatives. (EURACTIV)