Energy, Climate, New Economic Thinking​

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding"

Economic Crises and the Crisis of Economics

“In the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis, many economists with vested interests defended a growth model that was based more on “irrational exuberance” than on sound fundamentals. The economics profession has now suffered a spectacular fall from grace, and needs a new code of conduct to restore its credibility.”

This diagnosis of the state of economics by Paola Subacchi in Project Syndicate, January 2017, summarizes many concerns that has lead to many initiatives as the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

The revealing power of jokes and satire

Some reflections on new economic thinking

Stefan P. Schleicher

In Birgit Bednar-Friedl and Jörn Kleinert, eds. (2016). Dynamic Approaches to Global Economic Challenges.Springer.