Energy, Climate, New Economic Thinking​

Day: January 27, 2019

Germany Lays Out a Path to Quit Coal by 2038

Germany will spend tens of billions of dollars to end its use of coal power within two decades, if a plan agreed to by representatives of the power industry, environmental movement, miners and local interest groups becomes official policy. (New York Times)

Carbon pricing dropped from new Franco-German treaty

France and Germany cemented their historic post-war reconciliation with the signing of a new Elysée treaty on 22 January. But the text no longer mentions carbon pricing among new bilateral initiatives. (EURACTIV)

Chilling Davos: A Bleak Warning on Global Division and Debt

In a letter, written by Seth A. Klarman, a billionaire investor known for his sober and meticulous analysis of the investing world, a huge red flag about global social tensions, rising debt levels and receding American leadership is set. (New York Times)